Saturday Rides

Our first few rides in March depart from the shop at 09:00. Starting April 6th (after daylight savings begins) rides will depart the shop at 09:00. Please make sure you arrive with your road bike in good working order, tires inflated, with water.  A small snack, bar, or gel is recommended for your jersey pocket.

The rides usually last about 4 hours, so we're back at 13:00. Occasionally a longer ride will go till 13:30-14:00. Ride leaders often suggest a "bail-out option" for those who need to be back in Geneva early.

The Intermediate Ride

A bit more ambitious, 70-100 km, 1000+ m eg. Rolling hills, with a long climb or two. Typically there is a coffee break midway. Typical speed on flat 27-30 km/hr; average 23-25 km/hr. Usually no one left behind, unless a rider drastically overestimated their capacities. You should be familiar to riding in a peloton for proper etiquette and drafting to conserve energy.


The Social Ride

50-65 km, 400-800 m elevation gain (eg), coffee break midway. Typically rolling hills, with one or two moderate climbs (200-300 m eg) thrown in to get your heart rate up! We move along, but at a relaxed pace: typical speed on flat 25-27 km/hr; average 21-22 km/hr.

No one is left behind - we wait for you if you're struggling a bit uphill!


The Fast Ride

The name says it all! 80-120km’s, 1500m+ of elevation change with longer, more ambitious climbs. Typical speed on flat 30-33 km/hr; average 25-27 km/hr. A coffee stop is not always guaranteed and regrouping stops are infrequent. This is an option for stronger, self-sufficient riders with a good understanding of the dynamics in a peloton.



* Please always check the calendar on this website to know whether or not the ride is cancelled because of weather or otherwise.